Tuesday, 23 December 2014

free RPG list

These are some PDFs i got in my collection; all of them i downloaded for free and i dont think im trespassing any law or anything. I just want to make a big list as a way to organize them, and share them with anyone interested,

World of Titans - an attack of the titans *W hack
Busty Bimbo Barbarians - Hack and Slash focused on bikini chainmails
Adventure Time d20 - Awesome art!
Corpus Delicti: Detroit - a Supernatural C.S.I. Detroit, playrd with a french deck
Digital Shades - two pages cyberpunk
Dark Ronin - Cthulhu Dark hack, rules-light samurais.
Flatland - Roleplay geometrical figures and female lines
DIP-Styx - supernatural modern, creation is done through play
Keen Edge of History - You are a sword. A magical one, and you tell your history
From the mouth of mechs - Mecha battles done through rapping lines. Yes, thats it.
Merchants of Leng - Creepy unnatural merchants steal dreams from people. 
Oni Puncher - One page samurais
Rage, Precognition, Grace - rules lite fantasy
Simple D6 - awesome generic system
Searchers of the unknown collection - many one page RPGS, one file. Overall awesome rating.
Sputnik - The Russian Moonlanding
Raygun Gothic- Vampires on space
Chainsaw Duelist - Rich men duel themselves with chainsaws
Knights of Twilight - Knights in strange cosmic armors, transmits to me a nice feeling
Soulhunters- You're a living death. Eat souls, get lethal powerups.
Pokethulu: Eldritch horrors being catched by 8-year old kids

I'll update this list once in a while. Any authors who feel i'm vulnerating their works please contact me and i'll take them down at once.

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