Monday, 14 September 2015

So we played Wanderlust!

And I helped Lemont the mortician and her ghost friend Lyvia to give a proper rest to this ancient giant boar spirit by finding its bones. Someone had used them for making a great totem underground (Because that is what people did ages ago, before more complex rituals had spread among shamans)

looks a bit weird, but that's OK because HE'S A GHOST

 I was secretly hoping to ask my wife (a cloud that follows me everywhere I go, but thats an history to be revealed some other time) to struck lighting on any foe if things got rough, but the main battle was underground, so we had to take a totally safe potion of dog strenght (because I'm an alchemist, yo!) to get some pump when taking the skull from those evil sticky tendrils. In the meantime, I got infected by the deadly fungus plague that I intended to cure :O and the worst thing is that I can hear that fungus talk in my head and tells horrible jokes.

From a purely playtesting view, none of us got to learn any pattern at creation or later, so I have yet to see how does the powerlevels of the game work with it, but I'm positive on that. As players, we both had space to freely develop our backstories and take the narration when something fell under the domain of our careers, and I didn't felt it gamebreaking in any moment.

It was my first time using hangouts (after a frustrated attempt because technical difficulties). Richie Cyngler awesomely GMed the whole thing and I think he catched very well my original vision of the game; and I'd like to thank him and E.T. Smith for the eleventh time for the great session and their patience with my foreign usage of english.

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