Sunday, 25 June 2017

Lamentations of the other Flame Princess

When I looked at Lotfp after reading lots of things about it, I didn't really liked it much. It's not because a specific thing, I guess I'm not the target for that kind of DnDs retroclones. Too much unnecesary rules and tables for my tastes. But then I stumbled with this:

Wouldn't be awesome to find something that mixes Adventure Time cuteness + boldness plus some "seriousness"?

I just came up with something that I'm writing here in case I want to do something with it later:

The uncontrolled temper of the Flame Princess can be very dangerous for the inhabitants of Ooo. Why is she upset right now, and what you are gonna do about it?

1- she just fell in love with somebody, but she's not really sure if the guy likes her or he is playing with her feelings. 
2- she has argued with her dad and just fled from the flame kingdom. Possible plans to overthrone
3- she's been broken hearted, and won't tolerate any lies to be spoken on her presence.
4- there is a new rap contest, you must help her training and find inspiration on new life experiences
5- a rival princess has said something gross about her. What to do?
6- flame kingdom is on the verge of war; diplomacy mission. When they fail, war starts.

The stats are:

Style (your overall stance, or the one you think you project. Cool, Sexy, Edgy, Nerd, whatever)
Career (Doing whatever constitutes your job: Princess, Dancer, Wizard, Guard, Fighter, etc.)
Race (Racial abilities and general knowledge to move among your kin: penguins, flame people, foxes, humans)

Roll 3d6 for each stat: You get +1 on it for each six. If you have no sixes, you get -1 if there is a 1 or more.
(-1: Strangely weak. 0: untrained. +1: skilled.  +2: expert; +3: master)
Describe your character with whatever you get. 

Roll 2d6 + stat to see if you succeed; TN is always 8 (break rolls in two for harder tasks, add costs, complications or whatever). On a fail, GM might let you succeed, but the situation gets worse somehow. If you don't have a relevant stat for an action, GM says if you succeed or not.

Each hit takes 1 hitpoint from your enemy. You all have 1 hitpoint; armor can give you extra hit points. Roll to resist if you're hit beyond that.