Wednesday, 7 October 2015

HP bad romance part II

In the last post I sketched an HP-less version. Now, I'll try to come up with a system using Hit Points but in which the PCs are not HP tanks and can charge into battle knowing that they can take a determinated amount of shots before considering getting behind cover.

Assume World of Dungeons resolution system (2d6+ attribute ranging from -1 to 3. 6- is a fail, 7-9 a success at a cost, 10-11 is a success, 12+ is a critical hit where damage is doubled)

All PCs get 1d6 HP+half their level (round up) bringing the natural HP range of the PCs from 2 to 11. This die is re-rolled everytime they rest.
Whenever they have a confortable rest at a safe place or prepare a magical kettle pot of coffee (see previous entry), they can automatically set the result to 6.

Fists, slings and such do 1d6 non lethal damage (if an enemy is left at 0 hp is considered knocked out)
Proper weapons such as revolvers, bows and knives do 2d6 damage
Big weapons such as rifles or dynamite do 3d6 damage

Shooting behind cover grants you +1 armor

Once your HP are 0 or less, you can always make a CON roll to see if you're still breathing. If you pass it, you are left at 1 HP instead. On a 7-9, you are unconscious or something.

At creation, players can pick traits to make them deadlier:
Trollskin: +1 armor.
Berserkr: you can engage on a trance that gives you +2 armor, but you risk acting driven by this rage
Warrior: when using your favored kind of weapon (fists/blunt/guns/daggers/magical) you add half your level to the damage
Tough: you get 1d6+your level instead of half your level
Survivor: You can always roll to resists all kinds of poison or sicknesses
Hobo: no matter where you rest, it always counts as a confortable rest to you
Lots of other non-combat skills also available.

Monsters get HP and damage based on their assumed toughness:
Common person: 1d6 hp
Mook: 2d6 hp
Tough bastard: 3d6 hp,
Legendary shooter: +1d6 damage.

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