Friday, 11 August 2017

village generator

Roll 3d20 to find out what's remarkable in this town.

1. A specific harvest of some kind; and commerce built around it. Is it food? medicine? drugs?
2. A mine of resource X. Is the economy booming? is the resource dangerous somehow?
3. A factory. Who runs it? do they make something really valuable or just crap?
4. A theater. What do they perform there? Sports, plays, movies, combats?
5. A radio tower, or an editorial. What kind of things they promote? are they legal after all?
6. Somewhere to eat and to meet people. A cafe, a food stall, a restaurant.
7. A great work of architecture. A bridge, a statue, a wall, a mausoleum.
8. A guild of hunters of something (be it fish, game, treasure or comets)
9. An Inn or hotel.
10. Transport connections (airport, train, vehicle rental, etc)
11. Ranger's Office (sheriff, forest rangers, whoever is in charge of safety)
12. A shopping center (a building, an alley or a merchant route)
13. A very specific store of something; probably something that casually a character needs.
14. Somewhere where the kids to go for a walk (a forest, a garden, a beach, a cemetery)
15. A school of any kind (a dojo? arts academy? university? the city's crafts?)
16. A doctor. (an hospital? a shaman?) Is s/he vocational or wants something in return?
17. A holy place; be it a church, a shrine or a wonder. Is it corrupted? Is it worshipped?
18. A sign of the law. (a noble palace? a courtyard? a tax office?)
19. A den of evil (a pub for the local gang? a brothel? a rebel hideout?)
20. A guy who fixes broken things and needs a specific thing for an amazing project.