Sunday, 30 October 2016

Google's cat wizard

Have you seen that new doodle? If you haven't, go play it before halloween ends! I just beat it, and I liked it so much that I made this in a hurry.

You're all cute furries trying to free your magic school from a ghost invasion.

you start with 2d6 HP

cats get agility
cows get strenght
dogs get awareness
goats get stubborness

You start with one spell at random, plus a free one (0-summon dim light)

1-elemental summoning (choose an element, it can be anything)
2-exorcism (fucks ghosts)
3-revivify others (might work with things)
4-ward (protect a place or a person from a danger; if you suffer harm, sacrifice the ward instead )
5-minor illusion (can give near invisibility)
6-minor blessing (enhance temporarily a thing, say how, or give aid to an action)

you roll 1d6 for an action. On a 5-6 you succeed, on a 4 there is a cost or downside for success (you're attacked, you have to spend scrolls/reagents, etc).

roll +1d6 and take the best result if you have a trait that fits the situation.

roll +1d6 and take the best result whenever you have time and resources to prepare a spell, or carefully prepare an action. (pro tip: This might let you attempt spells you dont know, but you'll roll 1d6 only)

You go around the school looking for books and  reagents to cast more magic; and sending ghosts back to their plane. 

To attack, your dice results are summed, and compared to the ghost attack (1d6 usually). The difference is dealt in HP to the lowest roller. Ghosts have 1hp, or maybe more depending on their level.

-Who is the big bad ghost behind all this? What does s/he want? might s/he have family ties with one of the PCs?
-Where did all the teachers go? maybe one of them knows something about it?
-Who is your most hated classmate and what part does s/he play on all this? Where is your class crush? Might the book you lent him/her have the clue that can help you solve this situation?

What's at the end of the corridor? 
1.the kitchen 
3.sleeping chambers 
4.the greenhouse 
5.the potions' classroom 
6.the director's office (there is a confiscated objects' chest in here, locked)
7.the library (gargoyles ward the forbidden books section)
8.the observatory (also the room for the messenger pigeons)
9.the divination classroom
10.the great hall
11.the history classroom
12.the artificery classroom
13.the chamber of secrets!
14.the backyard
15.the infirmary
16.a teacher's chambers
17.manteinance room (pipes, water heater, calefaction system)
18.defence against the dark arts classroom
19.a forest (yeah, a forest. With a lake on it)
20.the gym class

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Some questions to help worldbuilding

1. What is strange about the world's geography/cosmology?

2. Why did the last war started?

3. What is a common thing in our real life world which is a prized treasure here?

4. What is this world's particular way to solve disputes?

5. Which hazard is that one which people is always preparing for?

6. Which one is waiting to arise, totally unexpected?

7. Which kind of people are here most respected?

8. Which was the last invention to enter in people's everyday lives?

Taken from a game called Eitr; looks very cool.