Sunday, 1 February 2015

Roll For Shoes: A System

Resolution is handled by rolling some d6 and comparing the total against some other d6 rolled by other player or the GM. If the roll is higher, you win.

The number of d6 you roll depends on your skill rank

All players start with a skill named "Do anything:1" So they roll 1 dice everytime they do anything

Everytime they roll all sixes, they earn a skill which is a subset of the skill used, related to the action they just took. Lets say, if you were hitting someone with your sword, rolled 1 dice and got a 6, you get the skill: "sword:2". If you later slash an orc get two 6s, you can get "fighting orcs:3"; and this goes on. This way, yot sheet becomes a list of the things you've done, and how well you can do them.

Everytime you fail a roll, you get 1 XP. You can spend 1 XP at anytime to change the result of a dice for a 6 for leveling matters (but not for success)

Optional: Starting with a skill at level 2 named after your class (fighter, wizard, gunslinger).

The best part is that Dungeons (so, GM) also work in the same way: a dungeon starts with 1 dice named "Water Dungeon" or such, and once you fight monsters on it, with each all sixes GM roll, the dungeon gets a new skill. Maybe "spawning goblins:2" and then "spawning goblin champions:3".

this is not mine; i took it from a forum user named DWeird. The whole link is here for all who are interested: 

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