Sunday, 21 June 2015

Rock, Paper, Scissors on samurai fights

Something I just thought; as distilled from that old Usagi Yojimbo manual. The main difference is that this mechanics below do not need any kind of skill values or attributes, or maybe not (I don't remember that rules well; I love Usagi Yojimbo, but I played using the Sanguine/Ironclaw version)
I leave this here in case I want to use it anywhere:

On combat, both fighters play a common rock-scissors-paper game, while on the off-hand they mark their remaining HP by raising that amount of fingers (thats how we did it at my school!). Damage decreases it by one unless noted differently by the GM.

rock = fierce attack, overwhelms focused attacks.
On a success: Deal damage
scissors = focused attack, finds weak spots on defenses.
On a success: Deal damage
paper = defense, can dodge fierce attacks.
On a success: you gain +1 focus against the current enemy. This represents the discovery of weak spots on your opponent's technique.


fierce attack vs fierce attack: both challengers deal damage to each other
focused attack vs focused attack: the challenger with more focus deals damage to the opponent.
defense vs defense: both challengers stare into the opponent's eyes among an unconfortable silence.

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