Monday, 9 November 2015

cowboy bebop style

I was thinking again on cowboy bebop and how it's premise could be extrapolated to tabletop campaigns. Here is what I've got by now:

The setting is a weird west kind. No space component. Modern anachronisms such as radios, early electricity or early telephones are allowed. Magic is allowed too in low doses (sympathy, soothsaying, alchemy, mysterious relics, certain rituals).

The wilds are inhabited by elusive fey people, that take the role of magical native americans. The Big cities to the east are corrupted in the high spheres and ruled by gangs at the street levels. In the middle ground, there is a vast space called "the frontier"; where the action takes place.

All players start as bounty hunters. Maybe they're associates, maybe they've just met each other in a tavern.This kind of world supports bounty-hunterism in a semi-legal way as a part of the law system; and there are search and seizure orders set in the local taverns and emitted on a special radio station that all bounty hunters can listen to in the middle of the plains (If they bought a receptor at character creation!)

The cost of life is a constant: equipment gets used and many abilities rely on the characters resting properly at inns to refresh. My gaming group also loves money management in our games, but I don't take advantage of this as I feel that I should: I want to make them to have choices between buying a new horse or spending some whiskey at the tavern, and make that choices have relevance on the outcomes.

All players (and this is where I feel that cowboy bebop has the most influence on this) must roll on this table before the game starts. They may do it secretely between them and the GM, to find their real inner drive behind their badass bounty hunter mask. Eventually, the pursuits they follow will lead to clues to resolve their unfinished pasts (GM, do your homework!). It's up to them to reveal this secrets to the other party members.

1 To escape from...
2 To get revenge on...
3 To quest in behalf of...
4 To atone for your deeds against...
5 To ask something from...
6 To find a relic (roll one!) concerning...

1 ...your old job partners (tell us which kind of job it was!)
2 old friend or lover
3 ...a fae / something at the astral plane (roll!)
4 outlaw (roll!)
5 ...the law (what did you do?)

6 ...the Raven King

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