Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Random encounter thing

Just something I just thought about: a format to make random encounter tables. Whenever you trigger one, roll 2d6, high number (x) decides encounter. low number (y) may trigger a special effect.

(These are placeholder monsters to show how this works, 1 being very strange encounters and 6 a very common encounter)

1 - The wild hunt, commanded by the most legendary king in your setting.
2 - The morrigan (on y=1 she'll be dancing naked, with a bottle of whiskey in her hand)
3 -bandit leader (on y=1 he'll reveal family ties with one of the PCs )
4 -kobolds (tough and stealthy; y=number of them)
5 -bandits (stealthy; y=number of them)
6 -skeletons(tough, y=number of them)

OUTPUT % highest of 2d6

1 2.78

2 8.33

3 13.89

4 19.44

5 25.00

6 30.56

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