Thursday, 17 September 2015

Taking monster requests for World of Pilgrims!

So ask in the comments for any monster you'd like to see drawn in MSpaint and stated with numbers and moves, and you'll probably have it. I accept everything, from extra-planar beings to road bandits; I even accept non-threatening things as long as they can provide some sort of challenge. And don't hold back: the harder it's for me to draw, the more I like them once they're done. Some examples here:

3 HP, +1 armor (when flying), prehensile paws, hoarder
Damage: 1d6+1 (crossbow)
Instinct: to protect their nest
-Steal something shiny
-Call the others

12 HP, +1 armor (bone), big, stealthy, undead
Damage: d6+2 (bite)
Instinct: To feed a neverending hunger
-Bewild people with his howl
-corrupt all nature on the area
-Transmit his curse

SHY KOBOLD, as asked by Andrea Parducci
2 HP, +1 armor (furniture), stealthy, extremely skillful
Damage: d6 (furniture)
Instinct: to haunt mines and homes
-Lay a trap 
-Do something unnoticed
-Repay a deed

15 HP, +2 armor (shield), can assume raven form.
Damage: 2d6+1 (Spear)
Instinct: to bring war
-Help a warrior
-Cast magic of nature and healing
-Bring something from the land of the dead

SNAKE WITCH, to Sarah Sheraga
6 HP, +2 armor (scales and trident), big
Damage: d6+2 (magic, constriction, trident)
Instinct: to reign
-Lay a hex over someone or something
-Send her vassals to fight
-Command you to kneel

how does she looks better, with or without wings?

Skulltopus, to David Perry
1HP, +2 armor (skull), small, lives in colonies
1d6-2 damage (paralyzing touch)
Instinct: to hatch on skulls
-get hold of their prey at all costs
-infest anywhere where there are corpses

BOOKWYRM, for James Etheridge.
21 HP, +3 armor, Giant, winged
Damage: 2d6 (bite, tail, fire)
Instinct: to hoard books
-Create an aura of silence over an area
-Ask someone to read aloud (because turning the pages is really hard for dragons)
-Bash everything around

And this tavern is an illustration for the introduction of the book. Play this on the background for extra effect:

Monday, 14 September 2015

So we played Wanderlust!

And I helped Lemont the mortician and her ghost friend Lyvia to give a proper rest to this ancient giant boar spirit by finding its bones. Someone had used them for making a great totem underground (Because that is what people did ages ago, before more complex rituals had spread among shamans)

looks a bit weird, but that's OK because HE'S A GHOST

 I was secretly hoping to ask my wife (a cloud that follows me everywhere I go, but thats an history to be revealed some other time) to struck lighting on any foe if things got rough, but the main battle was underground, so we had to take a totally safe potion of dog strenght (because I'm an alchemist, yo!) to get some pump when taking the skull from those evil sticky tendrils. In the meantime, I got infected by the deadly fungus plague that I intended to cure :O and the worst thing is that I can hear that fungus talk in my head and tells horrible jokes.

From a purely playtesting view, none of us got to learn any pattern at creation or later, so I have yet to see how does the powerlevels of the game work with it, but I'm positive on that. As players, we both had space to freely develop our backstories and take the narration when something fell under the domain of our careers, and I didn't felt it gamebreaking in any moment.

It was my first time using hangouts (after a frustrated attempt because technical difficulties). Richie Cyngler awesomely GMed the whole thing and I think he catched very well my original vision of the game; and I'd like to thank him and E.T. Smith for the eleventh time for the great session and their patience with my foreign usage of english.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Eight monsters

River Troll
14 HP, +1 armor (thick hide), big
Damage: d6+4 (wooden branch)
Instinct: To tax a bridge.
-fix an absurdly high or suspiciously low price
-smell something you'd like to keep hidden
-punish the tricksters 
Magic Bum
4 HP
Damage: d6-2 (street boxing)
Instinct: To serve the voices in his head
-make a prophecy
-have the weirdest luck
-offer advice at a price 

Dark elf tinker
5 HP +1 armor (umbrella), darkvision
Damage: d6 (umbrella)
Instinct: to forge dangerous things
-offer an oddity
-give in to greed
-grow a new obsession

20 HP, +3 armor; giant, winged, breathes fire
2d6 damage (tail); 2d6 ignores armor (fire)
Instinct: To rule
-Burn everything before him
-Demand tribute
-Act with disdain

8 HP; +1 armor, stealthy, big
Damage: d6+2 (paralyzing poison)
Instinct: to catch prey
-reveal that you've already stepped into her sticky threads
-attack the helpless

20 HP, +2 armor; giant, three headed
2d6+2 damage (giant axe)
Instinct: To become the alpha
-Hurl something
-Exchange information among the heads

8 HP, ethereal, floating, can see and speak through his ghostfire drones.
1d6 damage (life-draining touch)
Instinct: to hate the living
-send ghostfires around
-cover the world in cold and darkness
-show the madness beyond existence
4 HP, amphibious, hoarder, glamour.
Damage: d6 (rusty banjo)
Instinct: To over-dramatize
-play a song to mesmerize people
-grow a disproportionate love or hatred
-ask the lake's inhabitants for help

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Seven monsters; with stats for World of Dungeons

12 HP, big
Damage: 1d6+4 (longbow)
Instinct: To rage
-Blow an alarm
-Charge recklessly
-Make an oath

3 HP, undead
Damage d6 (Shattering Scream)
Instinct: To hold grudges
-Bring a bewildering message from beyond
-Lay a very specific curse or blessing
-Blend into the mist

14 HP, +2 armor, big
Damage d6+4 (halberd)
Instinct: to oppose
-challenge to a fight
-reveal a shocking identity
-reveal his signature trick  

1 HP, flying
damage: 2d6 (petrifying stare, breath and touch)
Instinct: to guard a place
-jump towards you
-crow in alarm
-fly off  
24 HP, +4 armor (stoneskin), MASSIVE, slow
3d6 damage (slam)
Instinct: To change the landscape drastically
-destroy everything on his way
-become suddently interested in something
-go back to sleep on the weirdest place
7 HP, small, sneaky, floating
Damage: 1d6 (bite)
Instinct: To feed on blood
-follow you at a distance
-to scream in alarm
-retreat where it's dark
14 HP, +2 armor (chainmail and shield) undead, hoarder
d6+3 damage (greatsword)
Instinct: to hate the living
-use his mighty strenght
-negate the last wound (unless caused by a weakness, your call)
-grow bigger (+1 armor)