Thursday, 17 September 2015

Taking monster requests for World of Pilgrims!

So ask in the comments for any monster you'd like to see drawn in MSpaint and stated with numbers and moves, and you'll probably have it. I accept everything, from extra-planar beings to road bandits; I even accept non-threatening things as long as they can provide some sort of challenge. And don't hold back: the harder it's for me to draw, the more I like them once they're done. Some examples here:

3 HP, +1 armor (when flying), prehensile paws, hoarder
Damage: 1d6+1 (crossbow)
Instinct: to protect their nest
-Steal something shiny
-Call the others

12 HP, +1 armor (bone), big, stealthy, undead
Damage: d6+2 (bite)
Instinct: To feed a neverending hunger
-Bewild people with his howl
-corrupt all nature on the area
-Transmit his curse

SHY KOBOLD, as asked by Andrea Parducci
2 HP, +1 armor (furniture), stealthy, extremely skillful
Damage: d6 (furniture)
Instinct: to haunt mines and homes
-Lay a trap 
-Do something unnoticed
-Repay a deed

15 HP, +2 armor (shield), can assume raven form.
Damage: 2d6+1 (Spear)
Instinct: to bring war
-Help a warrior
-Cast magic of nature and healing
-Bring something from the land of the dead

SNAKE WITCH, to Sarah Sheraga
6 HP, +2 armor (scales and trident), big
Damage: d6+2 (magic, constriction, trident)
Instinct: to reign
-Lay a hex over someone or something
-Send her vassals to fight
-Command you to kneel

how does she looks better, with or without wings?

Skulltopus, to David Perry
1HP, +2 armor (skull), small, lives in colonies
1d6-2 damage (paralyzing touch)
Instinct: to hatch on skulls
-get hold of their prey at all costs
-infest anywhere where there are corpses

BOOKWYRM, for James Etheridge.
21 HP, +3 armor, Giant, winged
Damage: 2d6 (bite, tail, fire)
Instinct: to hoard books
-Create an aura of silence over an area
-Ask someone to read aloud (because turning the pages is really hard for dragons)
-Bash everything around

And this tavern is an illustration for the introduction of the book. Play this on the background for extra effect:


  1. How about a swamp witch, a golem shadow of the colossus-style, or a humanoid ant soldier?

    1. I like the first two. I'll start for the witch as soon as I get some free time!