Monday, 5 October 2015

Something awesome happened to me today

I'm living in a new city since last thursday, and I happened to go to the local library, just because I'm that kind of guy who likes to go reading in public places and to get some Internet when I stumbled with the Encyclopedia of Early Earth, by Isabel Greenberg. I've just read it whole in a single shot, and it totally changed my day.
The book is about so many things that I cannot properly describe it in a hurry, but I'm just gonna say that is the most inspiring thing I've seen in ages; and that is totally rpg campaign fuel. The plot is an absurdly well written mash up of micro-stories. The book it's like a hundred pages long or so and the whole thing is filled to the brim with that mythical, mystical feeling that you don't see very often and that I'd like to capture someday in a setting; maybe in Wanderlust II.

Is just me or is that art awesome? Hell, go to your local library and pick it up right now!

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