Saturday, 25 April 2015

Fire Elixir

So I saw that 200-word rpg challenge (submissions allowed until May 1st!) and I decided to participate with my first game I ever made, and the one that me and my friends have been playing for 2 years and a half: FIRE ELIXIR. The whole game is named after our own gang (Opium Dealers, trained in martial arts by Kim; our former boss and master of the local dojo).

I'll left the rules here too; if you want it on a PDF, you can get it HERE (illustrated accordingly by my humble self).

Reccomended inspiration for running it: Gungrave (the anime), Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita, The GTA saga, Class of 99 (the movie) and of course; THE WARRIORS.

Urban gangs power struggle on the future 1989

1.You've all joined the local gang as rookies!
Choose a name for it, a main theme and a proper insignia.

2.Go pick a map of your city; and claim a neighbourhood on it.
The GM will divide the rest of the map in patches ruled by other gangs,
yakuza skyscrapers, second hand cyborg eyes... Also, all things on your
Real Life City are still there, but now they're somehow changed.

4.Every kid gets a Name, any Skill, any three objects and 2d6 dollars.
All members also share a common extra skill regarding the gang's training.

5. Whenever you act against danger and the odds (Doesn't it
sound like a band?), you can roll if you can claim some dice. You get:
+1d6 if it's something anyone can attempt
+1d6 for each relevant skill
+1d6 if you have any important advantage (information, cyberparts...)
-1d6 if you're hindered or wounded

Your highest result is...
5,6: You succeed flawlessly, or take a step towards it.
4: there are costs or complications.

1,2,3: you suffer the danger (GM may let you roll to see how well you endure it)

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