Thursday, 28 May 2015

Into the Hurricane, my One Page Dungeon

So this years' edition of One Page Dungeon has finally chosen their finalists, and i'm not among them; so I'm going to put my submission here, for anyone interested; just click here:

The premise is simple: A little japanese town is struck by a hurricane; which, as the old people would tell you, is another word for a posse of wild kamis and youkai. The PCs may be travelers or inhabitants, but anyways they're now caught in that town.

EDIT 01/06/15: As Random Wizard points in the comments, in the end I'm on the 3rd Place Winners! I'm glad you liked it, guys!


  1. I updated the contest page to show the 3rd place winners. You might like what you see there!

    1. Thank you for notifying it to me, you made me happy to see it. I can't talk for others, but this kind of things help convincing my wife that spending whole afternoons drawing a fictional town is really, totally cool!