Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Six Monsters

Wild Mustang
10 HP, big
Damage: d6+2 (hooves)
Instinct: To incite fools to catch him
-run free despise all obstacles
-lead a single hunter to a dangerous or fey place
Treefolk Assassin
8 HP, +1 armor (barkskin), stealthy; acrobat, half-plant
Damage: 2d6+1 (short bow)
Instincts: To guard their sacred grove.
-Scare away offenders
-Aim for a sure shot
-Blend into the forest
Treefolk Monk
9 HP, +2 armor (barkskin), half-plant, walks slow
Damage: d6+2 (wooden arms)
Instincts: To find a place for spreading roots and rest in tree form.
-Teach a key to enlightment
-Ask nearby nature for help
-Maintain the meditation

10 HP +1 armor (unsettling aura), glamour, can switch raven and human forms.
Damage: 2d6 (fire and sparks)
Instinct: To bring chaos and rule over it
-work forgotten magic
-give you something you really need and feign friendship
-reveal that it was his plan all along

3 HP
d6 damage (beak and claws)
Instinct: to run in frenzy
-give an advantage to it's rider
-go mad when cornered
-bark and run

 Timber wolf
7 HP, darkvision, stealthy
Damage: d6 (teeth)
Instinct: to prey on the lost
-howl to call the pack (1d6 members, counting the first wolf)
-drag you to the ground

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