Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Drawing Tests

As I hinted on the previous entry, I want to make a bestiary. Pridefully stated for World of Dungeons only (I'm falling more and more in love with that system every day). In fact, I've already started writing it: I'm beginning with some trolls and fair folk, some weird encounters for cities, and who knows where will it end. 

But I want to do something more: I want to draw it. My idea came to me as a burst of what Spaniards call "Envidia Sana"; (which would roughly translate by Well-meaning envy, which is nice and totally a good feeling) when I saw Sam Bosma's Inventory v.1. I mean, just look at a random page from it, is cool as fuck: 

I've never drawn anything serious in my life; I used to make the posters for my band's gigs on MS paint; and all the art for my games I've posted here is also made with it. But this time, I want to make something professional. I plan on selling it if all goes well, or at least, make a crowfunding in order to cover the publication costs and making a heap of books for the friends and any other internet nerds.

I've started toying with Paint Tool Sai, and feels like other planet. But I'm proud to say that in just one afternoon I've achieved something that I considered to be reserved for adept wizards: To make images with blank (transparent) backgrounds. Please have this kobold gangster as a proof.

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