Thursday, 30 July 2015

How to generate monsters for World of Dungeons: a short guide

Instinct: What does this creature wants that makes it dangerous? Write it down.

How big is the monster? (pick one).

- Like a human: 1d6HP, unmodified damage (fists:d6-2, small, improvised or natural weapons:d6; hand weapons: d6+1, big guns or two handed weapons: d6+2. Magic does or heals d6 damage.
- Big (bigger than a common man): 2d6 HP, +2 damage
- Giant (bigger than a small house): 2d6x2 HP, +1d6 damage, +1 armor.
- MASSIVE (just too much): 2d6x3  HP, +2d6 damage, +2 armor. You'll have to find a weak point on it to actually hurt it.
- Small (like a cat or smaller):  1HP, -2 damage.

Why is the monster known? He/she/it... (pick all that apply and add it to the numbers):

Is a battle-scarred fighter/seasoned hunter: +6 HP
Is moved by an unnatural force beyond common biology (psychical, mechanical, divine, mystical): +6 HP.
Is specially well-trained on its kind of fight: +1d6 damage.
Is skilled dodging or blocking blows: +1 armor.
Has natural or worn armor: +1 to +2 armor.
Has supernatural protection: +1 armor
Is specially eldritch or unique: stat it as being Giant or Massive despite its actual size.
Has other special qualities: Choose from this list or make up your own; and play the monster accordingly: Winged, invulnerable to X, insanity aura (it's mere vision may cause madness), undead (cannot be killed in the proper sense of the word), amphibious, glamour (can cast illusions over itself and its belongings) ethereal (common weapons pass harmlessly through it), ranged (is able to attack from the distance), etc 

Choose 1-3 main moves; which are the most common things this monster will do if the characters let him to, or fail their rolls.

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