Saturday, 25 June 2016

Course on Armor-breaking: an HP-less damage system for World of Dungeons.

Wow!!!!! It's been like a lot of time since I last posted here. I've been busy, I'm now working and living in Ireland; didn't had much time for rpgs or drawing; but currently I'm slowly going back to it. I'm currently searching for a group to play around on the city, so I can improve my english. 

I'm just leaving here some ideas for stripping HP from combat, again. I'm, as always, using World of Dungeons as a premise. Maybe I'll do something with this, maybe not; but it might inspire others; all feedback is appreciated!

There are three kinds of weapons:

Raw weapons (fists,whips,slings) do no real damage. You can stun, entangle or hurt someone with them, but to do real damage with them you need to get a good position narratively.
Serious weapons (swords, axes, bows,a tiger's fangs) deal 1 wound on a hit. Most enemies have a single hit. Bosses might have two. Big monsters have three or four.
Big weapons (two handed weapons mostly, or a troll punch) deal 2 wounds.

Roll 2d6 + str on melee, 2d6+dex on ranged attacks, +1 if you have weapon proficency with that weapon type.

On a 12+ you deal weapon damage + an extra wound or another advantage you choose
On a 10-11 you deal weapon damage
On a 7-9, you get a complication or cost; you are probably hit by your enemy
On a 6 or less, you suffer an attack.

The fun of all this is in the armor workings:
NPCS and PCs alike get armor dice based on their armor:
light: 1d6
heavy: 2d6
trollskin: 3d6
shield: +1d6
certain foes can have +1d6 representing a great battle prowess or resilience

When an NPC or PC is hit, they roll all their armor dice. For each dice that comes up a 4,5 or 6, they prevent a wound. For each dice that comes up a 6, that piece of armor is broken and you cannot re-roll it until you repair it somehow. This also fits with a campaign where constant struggle to find a town to get new equipment and characters with repairing skills are a thing (Two things that I love!)

When an NPC reaches it's wound limit, it's dead or out of action (If it makes sense the GM may rule that it's just defeated or something if that's the tone of the game)

PCs have a wound too by default. When they reach 0, they can roll+STR to stay on the fight. On a hit, they do despite all aesthetical wounds. On a 7-9, they suffer a debility (-1 to a stat)

With heavily armored opponents, is very hard to land a hit at first, but as all armor dice are always rolled together, the more armor an opponent has, the easiest they're gonna break. If a piece of armor breaks, the order is always, if applicable: shield, armor, then resilience


Edit: actually writing an alternate "shot a blow" move:
On a 12+ you get three
On a 10+ choose two
On a 7-9 you get one
- you deal the weapon listed damage (raw weapons: stun, beat or entangle; warfare: 1 wound; heavy warfare: 2 wounds)
- your attack is armor piercing (enemy's armor dice are halved, round down) or you can claim other similar advantage
- there are no unexpected costs or dangers,

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