Thursday, 30 June 2016

Six jobs and a 1d12 system

To hit an enemy, succeed on a difficult task or save against a danger, roll a d12 under or equal relevant job+lvl (start at as level 1 rookies, raise a level every adventure, retire as veterans after level 5)

pick a main job (+6) and a side job (+3) and choose any two items from any of your jobs.

1. knight (using knightly weapons, enduring for a noble cause, inspiring others).
You get a suit of heavy armor (2AP); a mace and a shield (1AP) or a two handed sword.

2. thief (acting on stealth, knowing secrets, evading an attack, climbing). You get a grappling hook, 6 throwing knives or a ring of lockpicks

3. hunter (environment lore, ranged weapons -or natural weapons if you happen to be non-human-, tracking and survival tricks). You get a bow, a faithful pet or a shapeshifting necklace that lets you assume an animal form.

4. healer (heal the wounded, summoning spirits to perform a small task or bless an action with an extra roll). You get a bag of ingredients (use them to make all kinds of potions) a dangerous scroll on Elder Gods (use that power at your own risk) or a pack of tarot cards (use them to ask any question to the GM)

5. monk (brawling when unarmored, sense of danger, enduring harm, deep inner wisdom). You start with nunchucks, an old scar (re-roll any roll when you fight whoever did that to you, decide it whenever you want) or a diary filled with your master's teachings

6. tinker (craft and repair things, know something about everything, deception and charm). You start with the tools of any trade, a musical instrument or a small bag of gold

You all get one from this list: a cane, a knife, a healing potion, light armour (1AP) or a sling.

taken from momodora: reverie under the moonlight (2016)
Initiative order is by weapon size (bows>slings>spears and two handed swords>swords and maces>claws, clubs and knives>fists), the other contender must roll to evade or block. If both contenders fit the same category, attacks are simultaneous and the highest succesful roll hits first.

When you're hit, you can roll to endure and thus stay on the fight. You can burn an armor point (AP) to succeed a failed endure roll.

Enemies have a name and a level (1 to 10) that covers whatever one expects from them, some AP and some weapon (goblin warrior, lvl 5, 1AP and a sword // dragon, lvl 10, 5AP, firebreath and claws). Whenever they must do it, they roll under that number.


  1. I'm glad to see you writing again. The rules seem nice for a quick game.

  2. thank you man!!! glad to see you're still there!!