Sunday, 24 September 2017

when on a hexmap

roll 1d12 to find out what's on this hex. Then roll again, to see what also is this place beyond the layer of appearance. Let your subconscious give it a form.

1. The great city; where rival gangs conflict and everything can be found.
2. The harsh land; that must be conquered or understood.
3. The scenic town, that is built around something specific and hides something unique.
4. The stop in the road, where many stories meet and everyone is up for adventure.
5. The castle, where a great evil reigns and/or is plotting how to.
6. The deep unknown, where everything is dangerous, crazy and unmapped.
7. The workshop/wizard tower, where there is an oddity that is just what you need.
8. The temple; worshipped, abandoned or corrupted; there is something different in the air.
9. The war zone; where battle is raging and one will bite the dust.
10. A beautiful landscape where to enjoy and relax.
11. The gate; where the veil between the worlds is thin.
12. A string from a PC's background is waiting to resolve here and now.

bonus track: some sketches for tattoos I did just because.

wraith, asterisk and lady

hair without black lines looks better or is just me?

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